Australian communities have done it tough this year. Extreme weather events have flooded schools and homes, cut off people from seeing family, and affected jobs.  

Evidence shows that to protect our communities from the impacts of climate change, we must build, reinvigorate, and support healthier natural environments.

Earthwatch programs do just this, enabling everyday people to act for nature through immersive, transformative research experiences.

Earthwatch empowers people to save the natural world.  

Janet's story   

Janet, a teacher at Northgate State School, was a participant on our 2022 Bush Blitz TeachLive expedition to Rungulla National Park. Janet used grant funds from her experience to create a story telling experience for students. Young people now walk through the hand-painted story poles and learn more about their environment. They become stewards who are connecting with, appreciating and defending our natural world. 

Nick's story   

Nick received a Student Challenge scholarship to work with wetlands researcher Jock Mackenzie in Queensland. By collecting data and describing how these biodiverse and carbon rich ecosystems are affected by human activity, Nick is informing management decisions to make east coast mangroves more resilient, and protect his community from the impacts of climate change. With aspirations to study marine biology in university, Nick has gone on to complete an internship at Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre after his experience with Earthwatch. 

James' story   

James is the Director of Sustainability at CBRE, and joined our Scientist for a Day ClimateWatch program in 2022. James is mitigating climate change through his work at CBRE, promoting the importance of natural capital and ecosystem services in his sector. 

Through supporting Earthwatch, you’re enabling people like Janet, Nick and James to protect and conserve our natural world, creating more resilient communities. 

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