Make your Christmas wish a safe climate future

We've all witnessed, with rising hope, the actions and news reports of everyday people demanding Climate Action from our leaders. 

The science alone does not have the power to influence change, but combined with passionate people like you, it can. In 2019 Earthwatch Australia refocused its work to keep ahead of climate change.

Our programs to drive Climate Action (SDG13) in particular are growing. Our goal is to empower individuals, communities and organisations to participate in climate science and take direct climate action.

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In April we welcomed our new Wetlands Manager, Jock Mackenzie, to lead citizen scientists’ efforts that protect our mangrove forests and wetlands, crucial to society in many ways – not least by sequestering 30-40% more carbon than land-based forests. 

Your generosity today will empower teachers and community groups to become stewards of their local wetlands and mitigate climate change.

Earthwatch’s Blue Carbon Lab citizen science program, a partnership with Deakin University and HSBC, won the 2019 Australian Financial Review’s Higher Education Award for Industry Engagement. Citizen scientists are helping understand how much carbon is stored by wetlands, the first step in the creation of a “blue carbon market” to fund conservation and restoration work of these vital habitats.

Your gift will ensure more people take practical, science-led actions on climate change.

This year marks 10 years of ClimateWatch, an Earthwatch initiative empowering everyday people to observe nature and contribute to climate science.  In partnership with Griffith University, we have taken the 120,000 validated sightings of Australia’s climate-sensitive species, submitted by more than 26,000 registered ClimateWatchers, and modelled where 141 land-based animals and plants are likely to thrive or become threatened in future climate scenarios.

ClimateWatch indicator species: Orchard Swallowtail, Silver Banksia, Flame Robin

Your donation will contribute to vital research that informs policy and natural resource management, protecting our wildlife and keeping the nation ahead of the climate emergency.

Your support for Earthwatch is more important than ever before. The urgency to tackle climate change requires all of us to take action.  Your generosity will empower people with the knowledge and tools we all need to get ahead of the climate crisis.

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