Earthwatch Australia is partnering with researchers and social enterprises across Australia to deliver tiny forests, an accelerated and intensive planting process to bring biodiversity back into our cities. 

Australia’s biodiversity continues to decline and globally we face a biodiversity crisis.  Increasing urban sprawl is contributing, with ongoing reduction in vegetation and tree cover, causing habitat fragmentation and species loss.  

To change this, Earthwatch Australia is introducing tiny forests.  

We know that we need to accelerate creation of urban forests. That is why we are seeking your support to launch Earthwatch’s tiny forest initiative here in our own backyard.  

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We will be testing a planting technique developed in the 1970’s by Japanese botanist, Dr Miyawaki, which encourages accelerated forest development and uses no chemicals or fertilisers. Communities will be involved across the country to determine if this method is applicable for our climate and fast track our path to resilient cities.