ClimateWatch reaches education milestones in the citizen powered fight against climate change and biodiversity loss

ClimateWatch is a network of citizen scientists observing nature and its rhythms across Australia, helping us see the changes in nature caused by a changing climate. We are proud to share that educators and students are taking action with ClimateWatch. Read more

Living Melbourne Report

Community connection to the urban forest is essential for its protection, enhancement and growth. We have launched a report diving into the benefits, challenges and outcomes of urban greening projects across Melbourne. Read more

Indigital Schools Winners Announced

Earthwatch is incredibly proud to announce that two of the schools engaged in our innovative Swarovski Waterschool Program have received prizes in the Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge. Read more

Indigenous land and sea rangers lead work in the Daintree to protect mangrove habitats

World class ecological research funded by a Japanese resources company is now in transition to the Jabalbina Land and Sea Rangers, who are keen to lead the scientific monitoring to conserve the health of mangrove forests in the Daintree. Read more

Join us for a virtual Bush Blitz

Have you always wanted to go on a Bush Blitz? Now's your chance with our Backyard Species Discovery virtual Bush Blitz. Read more

400km of dead mangroves

Mangrove monitoring trip to remote coast finds shocking impact of two cyclones across hundreds of kilometres Read more

Earthwatch gets thumbs up from National Geographic

Read National Geographic's story on voluntourism. Read more