Program Coordinator

Originally from Colorado in the United States, Alex is now placing roots in Far North Queensland. Prior to her move to Australia in 2017, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Geographic Studies with an emphasis on understanding the impacts of tourism on the environment and Indigenous populations in Latin America. She's worked in outdoor recreational tourism and hospitality industries and currently works at a not-for-profit regional environmental advocacy group in Cairns coordinating citizen science research of mangroves.
Alex participated as a volunteer on an EarthWatch expedition in the Daintree in 2021 and is looking forward to having an active role in coordinating monitoring activities with regional partners and participants in the same area and beyond. Alex has experience in customer service, event facilitation, project and community management, and partnership coordination. She's glad to be part of an organisation that is dedicated to providing participatory opportunities for broader engagement of behavior change in society to respond to the impacts of climate change in a meaningful way. Alex volunteers on a climbing club committee, volunteer coast care committee, State Emergency Services, and has recently picked up rollerskating.