We are celebrating our 50th year at Earthwatch. Your support enhances our science and conservation efforts, builds our education programs, and allows us to innovate. 

Human activity has changed almost 75% of the Earth's surface, and yet our connection to nature is essential for our sense of place, of peace and of wellness.

Support us today as we celebrate 50 years of operations.

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At 50 years young, Earthwatch continues to build bridges between people and science, giving folks of all ages deeply meaningful experiences designed to inspire us to do even more to care for our precious planet.

We are proud to work with teachers, students, scientists, businesses, government and the community because it will take all of us working together to make the urgent changes needed for a sustainable future.

Together, Earthwatch teams have helped safeguard and restore critical habitats, conserve biodiversity, and promotet he sustainable use of natural resources.

Just as we need nature, the environment needs us. 

Every person has something to contribute towards a better future for our planet. Your donation helps inspire even more people to connect with nature and take action to save it.