Green spaces have been sought out more and more during this pandemic. Our connection to nature is essential for our sense of place, of peace and of wellness.

In our bubbles, we have seen hordes of people regularly enjoying local parks, nature reserves, beaches and waterways.

Just as we need nature, the environment needs us.

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Earthwatch Australia continues to build bridges between people and science, giving folks of all ages deeply meaningful experiences designed to inspire us to do even more to care for our precious planet.

We are proud to work with teachers, students, scientists, businesses, government and the community because it will take all of us working together to make the urgent changes needed for a sustainable future.

The massive changes we have collectively taken to keep each other safe this year through COVID-19, means that we can also take the collective action needed to save the natural world.

Support us today as we head into our 50th year of operations. 

Your donation helps Earthwatch reach more people with ClimateWatch, our free citizen science program, and inspires even more people to connect with nature and take action to save it.