Your donations help Earthwatch tackle the urgent environmental challenges we face as a global community.

Your support empowers everyday Australians as they work to restore our iconic landscapes, protect our unique wildlife, and save the reef and oceans. It helps connect people, science and nature to amplify and accelerate the action we are taking to keep ahead of climate change and save the natural world.

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How your money helps

Produce vital research outcomes and publications that influence global agendas

Whether it’s contributing to our knowledge of an endangered species, establishing a conservation strategy, creating a protected area, or preserving our natural and cultural resources.

Provide practical learning opportunities for educators and emerging environmental leaders

We believe in the power of the ripple effect. By working with educators, we know we can help them inspire their students again and again.

Help top scientists and dedicated volunteers working in the field gather critical information on our natural environment

Funding for environmental research is often limited. It’s critical that we understand the challenges that our planet faces, so we can learn how best to respond. When you support our research projects, you’re helping our scientists answer crucial questions that will lead to a healthier planet.

These are just a few of the many vital activities and programs you’re supporting when you make a donation to Earthwatch Australia.

Thank you. Your support means the Earth.