We must first learn to love the environment before we can be asked to protect it.

All of us are impacted by the global pandemic and we are facing this challenging time by redoubling our focus on education and young people.

Key attributes in building resilience for young people is belief in a bright and compelling future and feeling like you can make a difference.

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Your support will enable us to grow these key outcomes:

  • provide future generations with scientific and environmental literacy needed to understand natural processes and ecosystems,
  • prepare our children for their role in the new, global green economy through sustainable career pathways,
  • establish early connections with nature given the research that clearly reinforces strong mental health and wellbeing from being part of our natural world; and
  • schools are given funding and support to become environmental change agents in their local communities across Australia.

Environmental education is critical to understanding how the natural environment works. If we want the next generation to be able to meet the challenges posed by climate change, deforestation, pollution and ecosystem collapse we must give them the best education we can.

Earthwatch Australia and Kids Teaching Kids joined forces in January 2020 to enhance and expand opportunities in environmental education.

If your circumstances allow you to donate during these uncertain times, you will be contributing to young people’s resilience.