The Healthy Coasts campaign brings together students, teachers, workplaces, governments and everyday Australians, acting to restore and protect their backyard. Will you join us?  

Our coasts are essential to our life, work and play, and they form an integral part of Australian identity.

From our cities, towns and industries, to our recreational life and our food sources, we all rely on the interface between land and sea.  

Our coastal ecosystems are natural wonders, and are valued at billions of dollars, from the iconic Great Barrier and Ningaloo Reefs, to the fishery stimulating coastal wetlands and saltmarsh along the south-eastern coasts.  

Unfortunately, our coasts are under threat. We see coral bleaching, wetland dieback and coastal erosion in our work every day.

We know that our people, animals and plants need urgent solutions.  

The Earthwatch promise is one of action to restore health to our coasts. You can act to help us future-proof our coastal life.  

From recovering plastic from our coasts through circular economy initiatives to investing in natural solutions such as conserving and managing wetlands, Earthwatch is on the front line of acting for good.   

We are all about solutions, recovery, and re-growth, working with:

Everyday people 

Weeding coral reefs of invasive seaweed and replanting coral polyps, supporting the Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef.  

With Dr David Bourne and Hillary Smith of James Cook University.  


Providing environmental research scholarships to Year 10-12 students to study mangroves in North Queensland as well as the ecosystems of Ningaloo Reef. 

With Earthwatch’s Jock Mackenzie and Dr Norm Duke of MangroveWatch. 

First Nations 

Working alongside traditional custodians and Rangers in North Australia to develop wetlands management plans and marine pollution management plans to conserve this region's precious habitat. 

In our Wetlands not Wastelands program and works planned with numerous Aboriginal owned organisations. 


Creating long term behaviour change through corporate learning programs and contributing valuable plastics research. 



Contributing to national policy and local management actions for mangrove and wetland health. 

See Understanding Queenslands Blue Carbon Resource and our Protecting Wetlands for the Future’ programs. 

By joining our campaign, you are becoming a coastal champion.  

Invest in Earthwatch. Invest in protecting your coast. 

Helping us extend existing initiatives and begin new coastal programs.

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