Today we went out searching our traps in the hope of discovering the sandstone false antechinus, (Pseudantechinus bilarni) which is a species of small carnivorous marsupial that inhabits sandstone escarpments in the Northern Territory.

The species is described to be living on Groote and this has been identified using camera traps which have indicated its presence. However, up until now there has not been a living specimen catalogued and confirmed to be living on Groote Eylandt. It is hoped that the BushBlitz team are able to make this important discovery of this tiny marsupial and add to the list of most amazing animals that call Groote Eylandt home.

In the picture is Anindilyakwa IPA co-ordinator and ecologist Katie Oxenham releasing a bandicoot from traps set in the rocky escarpment near the township of Alyangula. These cheeky bandicoots being much bigger than our target marsupial get into the traps and it is suspected that their presence may scare the other tiny Australian from appearing. The bandicoot was released and the trapping continues.