Another early start, (yes I am getting use to it now) with checking the various traps in the scrubland behind our camp. We released 2 quolls, collected a skink for further analysis and located a bandicoot skull. Today was a day I have been looking forward to, I was able to head out with the botanist to locate the Bladderwort located earlier in the expedition. Our task was to discover the range of the bladderwort. One group headed south from the original discovery whilst the other group headed into the swamp. I was in the group heading south. As we walked we located a number of other target species needed for collection but no bladderworts. It made me realise that the life of a field scientist is never dull. Traipsing through marshland, sinking knee deep in mud, falling over just added to the enjoyment of the day. Watching Donna Lewis process the plants collected, preparing them for drying and learning about the importance of herbariums in the NT and also Australia.

This afternoon was spend walking around the township of Alyangula. As we wandered along the tracks to Walkabout Lodge we talked about our new found knowledge and listened to Adam's (from Earth Watch) wealth of knowledge of bush medicine of the plants we encountered. We visited the Anindilyakwaa Art Centre before returning to camp. Today was certainly a highlight of an amazing opportunity.