Little Desert National Park VIC Bush Blitz | Oct 2018

On a very cold morning, with many layers of clothing, we set off with spider researchers Barbara and Joseph to the central section of the National Park. Equipped with nets and spotting sheets, we moved through the forest methodically checking each bush by scooping the nets through the foliage or by shaking the branch onto the sheet. Both of these tools make it easier to spot any insects or spiders and sort them for any interesting specimens.

Collection also focused on spiders living under the tree bark which was carefully removed in some parts to reveal any creatures. A large huntsman was one of the first welcome finds followed by multiple smaller specimens of a variety of species such as wolf spiders and crab spiders.

The location was rich in wildflowers again and near the largest body of water that we have seen so far. Quite murky due to the clay soil of the area, aquatic life was hard to spot other than surface skimmers.

Many spiders, tiny and large were collected and brought back to the farmstay where they will be more closely inspected by scientists under microscopes and with better lighting.

Looks like another storm brewing!


We spotted this shy, non-spider creature under the bark of a massive eucalyptus tree. Look closely and use the clues to guess the creature.