Today's big highlight was helping the 'Devil Team'. The Devil Team was part of the 'Save the Devil Program'. They were named due to the devils facing a deadly facial tumour disease. Stony Head was the site where devils had been released a few years ago and the team have been monitoring the site by capturing and releasing them. Sam told us that there were about 60 devils estimated to be in the area.

Two males were found in the traps, the older one was diseased and the younger one appeared disease free. It was great watching how the awesome teamwork managed the caught devils so effeciently. They took tissue samples from the tumours, ears and whiskers. The whiskers can be analysed to see what they ate 3 months prior! I was so amazed to see the staff rest with the devils in thier laps, upside down and with their eyes covered by the hessian bag. The devils were so calm and compliant, like cute teddy bears with sizable teeth. They seemed so relaxed, we even heard one fart!

With the population of the Tasmanian Devils at a critical stage, it is vital to see this important work continue to help ensure these beautiful and vital predators are protected for the future.