Business Sustainability

We work with businesses to help them identify and take actions that minimise their impact on the natural world and build a sustainable future. We do this in a number of ways.

Earthwatch Australia works closely with our business partners to create shared value, aligning our programs with our partners’ core business. Our corporate learning programs and expeditions provide scientific experiences that inspire people’s growth and empower businesses to develop informed and responsive strategies, policies and practices.

By working in partnership with your business, we can teach your staff about the environmental impacts and dependencies of your business, and uncover any risks and opportunities you may not have been aware of, or known how to address.

We help businesses learn how they can deliver on global Sustainable Development Goals through sustainability strategies, improved employee engagement, and by co-creating leadership programs.

Sustainability Leadership

Earthwatch’s bespoke leadership development programs help our partners embed sustainability into their corporate culture. Our hands-on immersive experiences in the field help senior leaders understand how key environmental issues and mega trends can affect business now and into the future.

By connecting your Sustainability Development Goal agenda with business-relevant environmental research, participants build a greater understanding of their businesses’ sustainability priorities as well as those of their customers and competitors.

Our programs encourage leadership teams to consider how they can make their businesses more resilient by evolving current business models and practices.

All our programs are experiential in their approach, and are designed to disrupt thinking and encourage innovation. Participants engage in hands-on, primarily nature-based research alongside leading environmental scientists, in addition to in-depth sustainability learning and planning sessions.

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Rewarding Talent

Earthwatch expeditions make a great incentive to reward talented team members, and many of our business partners take advantage of this, recognising high performers, while reinforcing their organisation’s sustainability values.

Our expeditions are also an excellent way to build your sustainability officers’ skills. By connecting people with nature through hands-on experiences in environmental research, their learning is more deeply embedded. They are more likely to identify and act on risks and opportunities that arise as you evolve your sustainability strategy.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Earthwatch connects everyday Australians with science and nature with the aim to embed an organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals into their staff culture.

As a global environmental charity, we work with our partners to co-create programs across four critical areas:

○ Keeping ahead of climate change

○ Saving the reef and oceans

○ Restoring our iconic landscapes

○ Protecting our unique wildlife

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