Earthwatch strives to involve people locally and globally in scientific field research and education. Our hope is to build a broader understanding of the issues and actions we need to take to support sustainability in our environment.

Our programs build bridges between science, community and nature. We work collaboratively with community groups, social enterprises, non-government organisations (NGOs), and other charities to achieve positive outcomes for all concerned.

All Earthwatch programs involve “experiential learning” – it’s hands-on and in-the-field, so everyday people can get involved in environmental science in a way that helps them reconnect with nature. Through these experiences, people can get a more tangible understanding of the environmental challenges we face, and learn from world-class scientists and other participants about what we can do to protect and restore our natural world.

A great example of Earthwatch community work is our collaboration with social enterprise Plastic Collective. Together, we’re providing circular economy solutions to plastic pollution in Bali.

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