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What are the benefits of Tiny Forests for my business? 

Tiny Forests are an urban billboard which demonstrate your business’ commitment to environmental and social targets. By partnering, you will be cooling our cities by reducing the urban heat island effect, accelerating carbon sequestration and rapidly improving biodiversity. You will also be engaging employees through citizen science and improving community wellbeing through connection to nature.  

How do we know Tiny Forests work? 

Global research on nature-based solutions is demonstrating the power of these urban biodiversity patches. The planting method was originally developed in the 1970s by Dr Akira Miyawaki, and has since seen global uptake. Read our latest report on nature-based solutions here.  

What do I need to get involved? 

We are currently seeking partnership with corporates and philanthropists wanting to invest in Tiny Forests, councils and land owners with land suitable for Tiny Forests, and property developers interested in including Tiny Forests in their projects. If you have a commitment to nature-positive action, we want to hear from you! 

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What is the minimum investment for Tiny Forests? 

$48,000 per forest per year. We are looking for a minimum commitment from a partner of 2 years and 6 forests. That equates to $564 per person engaged directly in the planting and science days (~170 staff or volunteers per forest over the course of 2 years) or around $480 per sqm of rewilded urban forest. Talk to us if committing to 6 forests is a stretch, or you have (re)wild ambitions to plant dozens of Tiny Forests across the nation. 

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