Why should you engage your staff with Earthwatch? Together we deliver shared value.

At Earthwatch, we collaborate with you to understand your goals - Workforce Sustainability Training, Employee Wellbeing, Staff Engagement, Rewarding Talent. Here are some of the outcomes our partners gain from an Earthwatch partnership.

  • Develop environmental leadership by increasing understanding of key issues and how they impact on your core business objectives
  • Offer personal development by providing experiences that enhance skills and competencies such as team work, self-confidence, critical thinking and communication
  • Foster culture on sustainability issues by empowering and motivating employees across different functions, levels and locations to drive real and lasting change
  • Inspire and reward employees by providing them with an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the environment
  • Contribute to real science that helps build solutions to the pressing environmental issues we face
  • Meet your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets

Partner with Us


Take Climate Action

You can download our free ClimateWatch app to your phone. On your commute, in your lunch breaks, observe nature and contribute to climate science.

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Upskill yourself

Earthwatch provides everyone with the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists to combat some of the planet’s most pressing environmental issues. Return back to work with renewed motivation and confidence to implement sustainability actions at work.

Explore Expeditions

Connect with colleagues – Team events

Responsible for the Christmas party? Or the staff Wellbeing program? ClimateWatch Scientist for a Day gets you and your colleagues connecting with nature and having fun. An Earthwatch scientist meets you and your team at a local ClimateWatch trail, and will take you on a guided walk, observing the seasonal changes of the plants and animals around you.

You will be directly involved in biodiversity research and climate action, while getting to know your colleagues in a completely different environment.

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Your Environmental Charity of Choice

Does your organisation do matched giving? Do you want to mark Biodiversity Month with a fundraiser? Are you training for the next Tough Mudder with your colleagues?

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