Are you keen to embark on an Earthwatch Expedition, but need to save up the cash first? Or maybe you want to help a loved one get the funds together for a future Earthwatch adventure? Help is at hand. Just create an Earthwatch Expedition Fund to raise money for your own expedition, or to help someone else.

Getting started is simple, just login to your MyEarthwatch portal and navigate to the "Fundraise" tab. Click the button to “Create a New Expedition Fund” and fill out all of the fields that appear. Kick things off by making the first contribution (minimum of $25). From there, you can invite friends, family and colleagues to make contributions toward this life-changing gift from your own unique Expedition Fund link.

Expedition Fund Terms & Conditions

All contributions made to an Expedition Fund are non-refundable and not tax-deductible in Australia. From the time a contribution is made, fundraisers have three years after 31 December of the current year to apply those funds to an Earthwatch Expedition. After that, the funds become a general donation to Earthwatch.

Expedition Fund contributions can only be used for Earthwatch Expeditions and cannot be used for transportation costs or other Earthwatch products, services, or events.

We ask fundraisers to start a new Expedition Fund for each trip rather than add to a former one so that your latest addition will have its own (later) expiration date.