October 1st* is the date I will run an ultramarathon of 160 km to raise awareness of the pressures our environment faces, and what we can do, what part we can play in our community and lives to fight against climate change, to protect our wildlife, to save our oceans, to reduce biodiversity loss and so much more.

I don’t want this fundraising to be about money alone. When I run 160kms in July I am asking 160 people to become donors to support this cause and to encourage me while I run. Can you help me to spread the message?

Why Earthwatch?
I am supporting Earthwatch, because of a life changing experience way back in 2013. I was involved in an Earthwatch scientific expedition in Brazil. I was not only able travel with work colleagues to one of the most stunning places in the world, I was directly involved in scientific research to conserve Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. On this Earthwatch expedition, I realised the power of working together to tackle wicked problems. On that expedition community members, EY professionals, and environmental scientists came together and we worked collaboratively towards a huge goal: conserving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

I’ve chosen Earthwatch due to their unique way of connecting leading scientists with the community to tackle the big environmental issues we face. Worldwide, Earthwatch expedition volunteers have:

• Contributed the science needed to establish 10 nature and marine protected areas around the world, the latest in South Africa (Robben Island, the home of the endangered African Penguin
• Enabled more than 1400 conservation and community sustainability projects in more than 131 countries,
• Empowered hundreds of thousands people to participate in direct action to save the natural world, and
• Contributed more than 10 million hours of research and data collection, equal to more than 5000 years of solid hard work

The Race:
The Elephant Trail Race (ETR) is a trail running/ultramarathon event at the Cairncross State Forest in Port Macquarie, in which I decided to run the 100 mile event.
Friday 9 July I will adventure in a 163km race featuring 6 laps of 27km each and a total elevation gain of 8,730m. Knowing that you have supported this cause will give me that extra motivation I need to go complete one lap after the another.

The Goal:
Normally, a fundraising ask like this means having a goal to hit a specific sum of money. I am doing something different. My goal is based on the number of donors. As mentioned in the beginning, I believe it is the collaborative effort what makes possible to achieve the most ambitious challenges, so the multiplier effect is really important here.

The magic number is going to be 160, which is the number of kilometers I will be running for the Elephant Trail Race.
It doesn’t matter if you want to donate $1 or $10, my wish is that this fundraising reaches 160 people. The ask is very simple. Follow the link on this page, make a donation online (tax deductible in Australia) and invite someone to do the same.

The Cause:
The work that Earthwatch Australia does gets people working alongside scientists that leads to evidence-based conservation, and empowers people with the knowledge and tools to take action in the face biodiversity loss, climate change and plastic pollution.

Please take the time to donate and share!

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*Due to the recent COVID outbreak in Greater Sydney, the race had to be postponed until October 1st. The good news is that means more time to train and to reach my goal! Julian Vega Gregg