My grandmother was terrified of green frogs.

And in country Queensland they’d always find their way to the toilet. With that and the fact I get a fright when creatures do something unpredictable - like jump! - then it is inevitable I developed a fear of frogs too.

Fast forward 40 years and a trip with my son on the Earthwatch scientific expedition Australia’s Vanishing Frogs, et voila, I am their biggest fan! Although I’ll still jump in fright when a creature does.

I went on this camping trip with my 8-year old to scoop up tadpoles, spotlight for the frogs’ eye-shine, and gulp, catch them (and release them). All for science!

Doing this together simply means... we KNOW more, we CARE more and we are DOING more at home to reduce our footprint on this planet.

If you can, donate, and help others learn to love nature, and protect it.

Fiona Wilson