Earthwatch government partnerships

Earthwatch works with all levels of government in Australia – from local councils, to state park authorities and land managers, as well as federal portfolios like education, environment, science and innovation, and meteorology.

Citizen Science: connecting people with nature through research and education

We firmly believe citizen science inspires a broader understanding of the issues we face, and the actions we need to take to address them. We see real behavioural change happen when people have the chance to work alongside leading scientists collecting research data that’s essential to combating some of our planet’s most crucial environmental challenges.

Citizen science is an extremely powerful tool that helps:

  • collect data at scale for scientific research that informs policy and management strategies
  • increase scientific literacy and knowledge within society through practical education in nature
  • people connect more personally with environmental issues, motivating them to act more positively toward the environment

Anyone and everyone can get involved in environmental research, whatever their age or background. Earthwatch scientists create programs that are scientifically robust, and that let ‘citizen scientists’ get involved in research without formal training. Our programs adhere to the strictest health and safety standards to keep our participants safe, and focus on research that is critical to deliver Australia’s commitments to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Community Engagement and SDGs

Here are some of Earthwatch’s core services that help our governments deliver their environmental priorities.

Climate Resilient Communities

A nature-based citizen science program, our Climate Resilient Communites program supports high-quality learning around local climate impacts, along with adaptation and mitigation strategies for local climate action.

The program engages people in real science and Climate Action (SDG13).

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Scientist for a Day programs

Earthwatch has developed citizen science workshops across a number of critical environmental research programs.

  • Mangroves and wetlands habitats: Training non-scientists in monitoring techniques to help restore mangrove and wetland habitats that are crucial to a host of ecosystems
  • ClimateWatch: “Observe nature; help science” | Earthwatch scientists take participants on guided walks of ClimateWatch Trails. The walks introduce people to the significance of biodiversity in healthy ecosystems, the impact of climate change on local biodiversity, and the importance of the data they collect on the day, which contributes to climate research used at the national level.
  • Bees with Backpacks: Participants get involved in global research to understand the behaviours of honeybees and why their populations are declining so rapidly. They learn about the importance of pollinators and the services they provide to food production, food security, and sustainable agriculture.

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ClimateWatch Trails and Environment Stewards

Together with our government partners, Earthwatch creates programs that connect community members with nature, educating them on climate change, climate adaptation and mitigation, and inspiring climate action. These programs provide bespoke research materials, on-going support for data collection, and formal networks of environmental stewards and community volunteers. These stewards and volunteers lead the ClimateWatch guided walks on trails developed in partnership with the community, land manager, or local council.

As well as creating volunteer engagement opportunities, these programs promote community connection and increased wellbeing through reconnecting with nature.

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Government Partnerships


Bush Blitz our partnership with the Australian Government and BHP 


Strategic Partnerships (SPP)

Parks Victoria


Living Melbourne

ClimateWatch Trails