The Amcor-Earthwatch partnership is about giving Amcor co-workers the understanding of the causes of marine debris and its impacts, and giving them the tools to be the drivers of positive change in sustainable practices, both at home and in their workplace.

Amcor co-workers aid scientists in marine debris surveys, helping to gather data about the size and composition of the waste on beaches. They undertake workshops and learnings on ecosystem services, sustainability planning, and waste mitigation. And they see first-hand the potential solutions and challenges to marine debris in places where waste infrastructure is vastly different to what they know.

This trip has certainly heightened my awareness of the environmental issues that can occur with plastic containers. I am in a packaging product development role and this program will make a change to my thought process by adding more discussion of end of package life with my customers during the design process of packaging, and how we can influence the success of recovery at the end of its life.

~ Participant Bali 2016

The Stats

  • 270 co-workers engaged in sustainability programs
  • 614 individual transect surveys of marine debris
  • an average of 40 million pieces of marine debris surveyed on coastlines