29 May 2020

Earthwatch Australia is now certified as a Social Trader. Social procurement is recognised widely as a significant opportunity for business and government to drive social change.

We are joining a network of like-minded businesses who are driven by purpose. As an environmental NGO, we see people as the drivers of change to save the natural world. 

Social procurement represents a market-based opportunity for businesses to generate positive sustainable social and environmental impact through their purchasing power.

This network of buyers has directed $105M towards procurement of goods and services from social enterprises in Australia over an 18 month period (2018-2019), and Social Traders expects this growth to continue as more businesses commit to social procurement targets.

Earthwatch is a pioneer in partnering with business. We upskill businesses by engaging their own people directly in pressing environmental issues and the solutions. Participants transform their understanding of environmental impacts and dependencies to their business along with the risks and opportunities that sustainable development goals and nature-based solutions present.

Our goal is to work with a community of like-minded organisations and provide our services to a greater number of businesses and government agencies who are committed to creating a sustainable future

Social Traders certification provides third party assurance to social procurement buyers that Earthwatch has:

  • a social, cultural, or environmental purpose as its primary objective;
  • that commercial trade is the main mechanism used to sustain itself; and
  • that our efforts and resources are invested into our environmental purpose.

We look forward to working with more organisations to drive change so that together we can create a society that lives in balance with nature.