Connecting people to nature

At Earthwatch, people from all walks of life are actively engaged in research, as citizen scientists, locally and globally. Each individual is part of the solution, contributing to research that will help solve real-word issues. Experiential learning is at the core of what we do. You may be studying, working, teaching, parenting, enjoying retirement or volunteering.

We are an independent scientific field research and conservation in the not-for-profit sector:

  • Investing in rigorous and critically important environmental research
  • Enabling more than 1400 conservation and community sustainability projects in more than 131 countries
  • Empowering 100,000+ people to participate in direct action to save the natural world
  • Contributing nearly 10 million hours of research and data collection, equal to more than 5000 years of solid hard work

Our Goals

We have bold ambitions to increase the impact of connecting people to nature through citizen science and creating the large scale behaviour change we need to live sustainably.

Your Impact