We believe that sustainability can only be achieved if there is active involvement of people from all sectors of the community. The environmental issues we face today are beyond the capacity of our world leaders and scientists alone to solve. It is going to take a combined effort by all of us.

Scientific Discovery Increase Knowledge Empower Change diagramCitizen Science is a sophisticated, efficient and engaging solution that addresses this. It provides an experiential learning experience which is the core of Earthwatch programs. Members of society are actively engaged in research activities working alongside renowned scientists and personally contribute to data collection that will help solve real-world issues. Participants are equipped with knowledge and awareness to make more informed decisions in their lives both personally and professionally.  It creates a sense of responsibility within the community and essentially each participant becomes a steward for the environment, taking us one step closer to creating a more sustainable and mindful society.

It’s a combination of personal experience, learning and social inclusion that makes Earthwatch programs transformational experiences that create long term positive behaviour change towards the environment.

We engage people through Work, Life and Play.