Associate Professor Peter Macreadie Blue Carbon: Counteracting Climate Change Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Peter Macreadie | Blue Carbon: Counteracting Climate Change Principal Investigator

Deakin University, Blue Carbon Lab

Peter is the head of the Blue Carbon Lab and an associate professor at Deakin University. He conducted his PhD at the University of Melbourne, and has worked in Australia’s coastal wetlands for over 10 years. His research focuses on understanding and responding to the impacts of global change in aquatic ecosystems, and addressing all biotic components – from microbes, to plants, to fish, to megafauna. Presently, his research effort is directed towards capitalising on ‘blue carbon’, or the ability of coastal ecosystems to sequester carbon. Peter’s research approach spans the fields of chemistry, ecology, biology, economics, and policy. Peter has won many national awards in recognition for the quality of his Blue Carbon research and his commitment to partner with scientists, governments, and corporations to protect the many ecosystem services wetlands provide.