Earthwatch and GreenCollar are working with communities, councils and businesses to incentivise and support projects that recover, recycle and reduce plastic waste using the framework of the 3R Initiative.

The 3R Initiative is a new, market-based mechanism under development that incentivises and catalyses action to reduce plastic waste by supporting recovery and recycling projects that mitigate plastic pollution.

Environmental Market

Earthwatch and GreenCollar are partnering with organisations working in plastic recovery, recycling and reduction to create projects that will generate a tangible unit of pollution reduction or ‘plastic credit’. The credits are able to be sold to organisations looking to go plastic neutral and reduce their plastic footprint.

Purchasers of plastic credits include large scale manufactures and retailers with corporate mandates and obligations to improve practice as well as organisations with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. Proceeds from the sale of the plastic credits are reinvested in projects to further support and scale up project implementation and operations.

Developed through a collaborative effort led by Verra, the 3R Initiative establishes mechanisms for validating, crediting and financing projects that recover, recycle and reduce plastic waste. 

Like other environmental markets in the carbon, water and biodiversity sectors, projects under the 3R Initiative must demonstrate that plastic removal and recycling activities are additional to business as usual and must be independently verified prior to crediting.

The resulting plastic credits represent the environmental service of recovering and/or recycling one tonne of plastic that would otherwise be dumped or left in the environment.

Get Involved

The 3R Initiative, developed by Verra, creates a clear, robust system to provide measured, verifiable plastic pollution outcomes.

Earthwatch and GreenCollar are working together to develop plastic waste reduction pilot projects under the 3R Initiative and its components.

Plastic Credit Projects

Pilot projects will be trialled in 2020 and will operate under the 3R Standard for Project Accounting which sets out the rules and methodologies for quantifying removal and recycling of plastic waste.

Organisations that implement a 3R Initiative project through approved methodologies earn tradeable plastic credits.

Buying Plastic Credits

Organisations can purchase plastic credits to reduce their plastic footprint, offset their impact and meet compliance, social responsibility or sustainable development goals.

The 3R Crediting Mechanism allows investment in measured and verified plastic waste reduction outcomes through a transparent accounting framework.

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To find out more about how a plastic credit project could help your organisation’s plastic recovery and recycling efforts, or to discuss philanthropic partnerships to tackle plastic pollution please contact:

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