Holloways Beach - 12-17th May


Boyne Island - 25-30th August

The Protecting Wetlands for the Future program is a 6 day collaborative program between teachers, students and Earthwatch scientists at Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre (HBEEC) and Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre (BIEEC). 

Through expeditions, teachers will be upskilled to establish their own tidal wetland monitoring site on return to their school to assess local ecosystem values and threats with a focus on ‘blue carbon’ storage and sequestration. Teachers will work as research assistants, helping scientists with data collection while communicating their experiences live back to the classroom. Outcomes of past TeachLive expeditions indicate that this approach will facilitate post-workshop incorporation of the MangroveWatch citizen science program into classroom teaching and create opportunities for student citizen science activities. 


Project Outcomes

  • Empowered teachers to engage their local school communities in ongoing monitoring for the protection of coastal wetlands. 
  • Wetland values and significance to the GBR is embedded in school education through impactful indoor and outdoor learning. 
  • Participants are more informed on the impacts of climate change, local threats to GBR coastal and estuarine wetlands habitats and actions they can take helping to empower environmental stewardship. 
  • Communities inform management plans by providing citizen science data to Australian Government, local councils, Land and Sea Rangers, landcare and coastcare groups and other end data users to (1) inform areas of prioritization for mangrove and wetland restoration and protection, and (2) provide carbon sequestration data into the federal government’s National Blue Carbon Greenhouse Accounts Factors. 

Benefits of participating

  • A fun personal and professional development experience 
  • Work with a wetlands researcher to develop personalised mangrove education plans for your students  
  • Access to tailored environmental education resources, lesson plans, videos and more  
  • Join a network of environmental educators and citizen science enthusiasts  
  • Active positive environmental impact for mangrove ecosystems  
  • Become a certified MangroveWatch Champion teacher and Mangrove Champion School 

Eligibility criteria  

  • A science, geography, marine science or aquatic practices teacher employed at a recognised education institution located along the Great Barrier Reef coastal region from Hervey Bay to Bamaga, or with capacity to deliver an education program within the GBR coastal region.  
  • Available for a 6-day TeachLive experience:
    • For HBEEC: from 12th May - 17th May 2023, and make necessary travel and logistical arrangements if required (travel to HBEEC on 12th May for 4pm introductory session, program in field engagement from 13th to 17th May, depart HBEEC on 17th May). 
    • For BIEEC: from 25th August - 30th August 2023, and make necessary travel and logistical arrangements if required (travel to BIEEC on 25th August for 4pm introductory session, program in field engagement from 26th to 30th August, depart BIEEC on 30th August). 
  • Demonstrated interest in actively engaging students in citizen science within or adjacent to the GBR World Heritage Area.  
  • Logistical capacity to engage students in mangrove and tidal wetland citizen science, including access to a nearby mangrove or saltmarsh area. Noting that financial assistance is available to assist program implementation. 
  • Interest in delivering mangrove and tidal wetland focused lessons to high school students. Strong interest in ensuring the future protection of the GBR World Heritage area and adjacent wetland areas and estuaries through education and awareness, both at school and in the wider community. 

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This program is funded by Earthwatch Australia, and the Australian Government's Reef Trust and Great Barrier Reef Foundation partnership.