Interested in a staff engagement experience that makes a positive difference to the planet? Our unique approach to staff engagement helps individuals connect directly with nature and with business-relevant sustainability research.

Earthwatch offers Volunteer Days, Christmas Parties, and Team Building activities for your employees to unite them in helping to address critical environmental issues. Whether it’s our popular one-day experience "Scientist for a Day", or a co-created immersive staff engagement program, our goal is to motivate your team to act on your business risks and opportunities with a heightened focus on sustainability and the environment.

Team building with Earthwatch enhances staff wellbeing, improves scientific literacy, encourages sustainable living, and positively transforms lives, both personally and professionally.

Take Climate Action together


Participants will learn about climate change at the global and local scale and how this impacts biodiversity. They will learn how to identify various species and how to use the ClimateWatch app. They then head outdoors to collect phenological data on ClimateWatch indicator species. The data is used to help build management strategies for species into the future.


  • Teamwork
  • Species identification (climate-sensitive flora and fauna)
  • Improved understanding of climate change
  • Trained ClimateWatcher

The Science

ClimateWatch is the first continental-scale phenology research program in the southern hemisphere. Data is used to help build management strategies for species into the future. Participants are encouraged to continue using the app from home contributing to national data on an ongoing basis.

Take action now

Earthwatch Expedition Fellowships

You can offer your staff an Earthwatch Fellowship to go on any Earthwatch research expedition anywhere in the world, from Uganda to the Peruvian Amazon, the Caribbean to the Arctic Circle, from Italy to Iceland and Mongolia to Cuba. All costs are covered (food, accommodation, transport, activities, park entrance fees, travel insurance) except flights to and from the expedition.

Closer to home, we have two Earthwatch Fellowship expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef:

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