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The benefits of a forest in the heart of our cities. 

These small patches of habitat are an oasis for urban biodiversity, a powerhouse for urban cooling, restorative for soil health resourceful carbon sinks, and a wellbeing hub for community to connect with nature. Using an effective planting method involving soil enrichment and a dense planting structure, Tiny Forests grow up to 10 times faster than traditional forests and become up to 100 times more biodiverse than monoculture forests. 

We believe they can make a real difference in Australia 

Earthwatch is championing Tiny Forests in Australia, and engaging the local community to help plant, maintain and conduct important research, to better understand the benefits these tiny and mighty forests provide.  


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Tiny Forests provide your business with a competitive edge

Tiny Forests are your corporate leadership billboard in action against climate change & biodiversity loss.  







Your partnership will increase our cities climate resilience, aligning with 6 key UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We have various partnership and funding options to help you establish a Tiny Forest - get in touch to find out how you can get involved. 

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We take care of the process, so you can take care of your business

Step 1:


We plant dense, fast-growing native bushlands, based on an established forest management method. 

Step 2:


We engage business and community to cultivate and monitor each forest over time. This connects people with nature and raises awareness of biodiversity loss and climate change.

Step 3:


We collect environmental and social data relating to every forest we plant, to assess the benefits they provide over time and between forests.

This methodology enables your business to play a part in creating a thriving, climate-resilient city. 

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We are environmental experts with decades of experience 

Earthwatch is uniquely positioned to support businesses with their responses to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For decades, we’ve worked with well-known companies around the world from a diverse array of sectors to foster environmental leadership and build a more sustainable future. 

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Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience

Earthwatch Australia Report 2021 
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We are building on existing success of Tiny Forests in Europe 

Beginning in the United Kingdom, Earthwatch has planted 149 forests in Europe, bringing together business, public sector and community.  

Tiny Forest Impact Report 2021

The Australian program will build on this success, and provide new knowledge on Tiny Forests for the Southern Hemisphere. 

Existing Partners

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Sincere thanks to our cross-sector local knowledge partners:

Dr Grey Coupland, Murdoch University (WA); Belinda Bean, Greener Spaces Better Places (NSW); Dr John Rayner and Dr Steve Livesley, University of Melbourne (VIC); and Edwina Robinson, The Climate Factory (ACT), Jim Walker, Yiman and Goreng Goreng man, Earthwatch Board Director and Chair Scientific Advisory Committee (Qld).