Earthwatch is an international environmental charity that strives to connect people around the world with scientific field research and education. Through this connection, we promote a wider understanding of the issues and actions needed to support environmental sustainability.

We believe all sectors of society can and should act to address the challenges facing our natural world – including business, government, educators, researchers and leaders, as well as everyday people.

Our work aligns to the Sustainable Development Goals, using the global framework for creating a prosperous and sustainable future for the planet and its people by 2030.

We focus our research and citizen science programs on areas where we can make a difference now, like protecting our unique wildlife, saving the reef and oceans and restoring our iconic landscapes while keeping ahead of climate change.

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George Alexander Foundation

Earthwatch partners with the George Alexander Foundation to award Student Challenge Fellowships. Through this and other scholarship programs for students and teachers, Earthwatch is inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders and change-makers.

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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust

A cross-sector partnership with HMST and Parks Victoria, “Stronger Together” is a citizen science project to build the capacity of regional schools and communities to understand, monitor, and take action to mitigate climate change impacts on Victoria’s biodiversity.

The project is working to build resilience in our parklands through community stewardship of the local environment. Community members collect data on behaviours and geographic changes they observe in local climate-sensitive species. Local knowledge, observations and science then informs land management and intervention strategies for species threatened by climate change.

What You Can Do

We can co-create a citizen science program with you that aligns your goals and ours: Connecting with nature, community, knowledge creation, scientific literacy, field research, citizen science, education, empowering behaviour change, positive environmental action, environmental stewardship, sustainable living. Let’s do something amazing together.

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