Experiential learning is at the core of every Earthwatch program, as is giving everyday people the chance to work alongside renowned scientists gathering data that will help them solve real-world environmental issues. Our programs range from one-day nature trails to two-week expeditions, in the field or in the lab, and caters to all aspects of life - in your work, life or play.

It’s the combination of personal experience, hands-on learning, and social inclusion that make Earthwatch programs so transformational for those involved, inspiring long-term behavioural changes towards the environment.


Our corporate programs support companies as they work to communicate and embed sustainability strategies. Using a flexible model, we collaborate with enterprises to create employee and stakeholder engagement programs in independent scientific research that is directly relevant to their business.

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Our education programs target teachers and students, helping them transcend classroom walls and arming the next generation of leaders with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to innovate and adapt to real-world problems. We facilitate teacher-training workshops in citizen science and take both students and teachers into the field on scientific research expeditions.

Students and Teachers


Our public expeditions are at the heart of Earthwatch and are designed to be easily accessible by the general community. Earthwatch gives people from all walks of life – no experience necessary – the opportunity to be immersed in field research projects all around the globe. Earthwatch expeditions take people to destinations out of bounds to the general tourist, giving them a holiday experience like no other; one where they can learn directly from world-class researchers each day, getting up close and personal with all kinds of fascinating plants and animals.

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