Empowering people to save the natural world

We are a research charity working to create positive behaviour change for the environment.

We run public scientific expeditions, corporate learning, educational initiatives, citizen science programs and more. 

Keep Ahead of Climate Change

The global climate crisis is the most pressing environmental challenge humanity now faces. Earthwatch can help you be a part of the solution and together we can keep ahead of climate change.



Restore our Iconic Landscapes

Earthwatch Australia’s programs build awareness and evidence of the interconnectedness between biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services, and the value nature provides in sustaining our livelihoods.



Save the Reef and Oceans

From biodiversity and food supply to the livelihoods of millions, so much depends on our oceans. Coral reefs are home to one quarter of all life in the oceans, and provide humans with immense benefits such as coastal protection, fisheries, and tourism.



Protect our Unique Wildlife

Australia is renowned for its unique wildlife, with more than 70% of our species found nowhere else on earth. We can stop the decline of our wildlife by helping people reconnect with nature.



Reef danger highlights need for urgent and systemic approaches to living with nature

For more than ten years, Earthwatch has engaged people from Great Barrier Reef communities directly in evidence-based research and action for reef health.


Author: Tanaya Joshi

Tiny Forests

Businesses can fight climate change, address their CSR & ESG requirements, and empower employees to connect with nature by becoming a Tiny Forest partner.


Author: Monisha Alexander

Employee Engagement

For employees, get yourself and your employer engaged in sustainability action. Employers can improve employee engagement and build a positive workplace culture.



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  • Healthy Coasts

    Our coasts, beaches and wetlands are essential to our life, work and play, and they form an integral part of Australian identity. Unfortunately, they are under threat. Donate today to help us restore coastal health for future generations. Read more