The day started bright and early checking some traps for a sneaky little Antechinus (small marsupial) however, close to 40 traps later, and all we had managed to find were some inquisitive quolls and brave bandicoots who had stolen the bait and set off all the traps.

We then packed up the vehicles and began the mission to share the Bush Blitz experience in Angurugu. The tables were all set up with displays, activities and information ranging from fish identification, using pooters and leaf rubbing to specimens, microscopes and insects. The people wandering in were interested and engaged in the activities and had plenty of questions to ask. They were soon followed by curious, if somewhat unsure, schoolkids. After about 5 minutes however, they were absorbed in scientific discovery. After packing up here, the schoolkids accompanied us to "Naked Pools" where they helped us collect specimens for the scientists back at base.

Finally, it was off to Umbakumba, my stomping ground, where we put on another show for the community. After a long day, there was a strong turnout to see just what all the fuss was about. The kids there were just as excited about using the nets to catch insects and proved themselves as excellent collectors!