Today we visited some mangroves in the south western part of Groote Eylandt to collect some Threadfin Mangrovegobies (Mugilogobius filifer). In order to collect them we dug some traps in the inter-tidal region of the mangroves with the idea that the rising tide will bring the animals into the traps.

The areas of mangrove in Groote Elyandt contain the same sort of mangroves that are in Nhulunbuy. Grey Mangrove (avicinia marina) is found in the costal areas around the island. They suffer from the same problems as mangroves around the rest of the country such as the effects of climate change and environmental impact from human activity. The scientists are collecting samples from areas around as part of the Bush Blitz study bringing scientists, researchers and educators from around the NT and the rest of Australia.