Where in Tasmania am I?

I headed north this morning from Lindisfarne. Once I reached Launceston I headed north north east. I have ended up down a gravel road with WARNING - DO NOT ENTER! signs at every gate I passed. I am at Stony Head on Defence Department land.

Can you find it on the LIST map via the link? Do you know where you are? Can you find Lindisfarne?


Google maps will also help you locate places.

This area of land is largely undeveloped. There are patches of lots of different types of vegetation which means there are lots of different habitats for the animals. Because the land hasn't been extensively cleared the scientists are able to search for species of animals, plants and fungi that they might not be able to find in many other areas of the state. The scientists are visiting water holes and creeks, bushland, coastal areas, and grasslands.

What animals and plants do you think they will find?

A large fire went through part of the area, and there is a small percentage that has been cleared for grazing sheep and cattle - a local farmer has their animals on this area. The rest of the land is native vegetation, some of it coastline.

Do you know what the water body to the north of Stony Head is called?

The photo above is of Dr Lynne Cave investigating a piece of bark from a gum tree. It has lichen and liverworts growing on it. Lynne is a bryologist, collecting the liverworts. The piece of bark was given to her by Dr Gintaras Kantvilas, he is a lichenologist, but could see there was more diversity on the bark than just the lichen he was looking for.