ClimateWatch is the collaborative brainchild of Earthwatch, the Bureau of Meteorology and The University of Melbourne. A nationwide program, it aims to understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting the seasonal behaviour of Australia's plants and animals by monitoring changes in flowering times, breeding cycles and migration movement. As the first continental phenology project in the southern hemisphere, ClimateWatch gives every Australian the opportunity to get involved in collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change.

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ClimateWatch for Students

Aspirational environmental champions wanted!

We need your help capturing the impact climate change is having on our plants and wildlife. With our free ClimateWatch app, you can gather information in your own backyard, on the way to school, in your school ground, or at a local park. The information you collect will help us develop adaptation strategies for species survival into the future.

And remember to let your teacher know about our free lesson plans and get your class involved as well.

Free Mobile app

Download our ClimateWatch app for iPhone and Android and be part of our Climate Action Army. With the app, you can record your observations anywhere, in real time, even with a poor mobile signal. Through GPS, and date and time stamps, you can accurately record vital information for us while you’re out bushwalking, relaxing at the beach, or having fun at your local park.

ClimateWatch Trails

By regularly walking our ClimateWatch Trails and recording what you see, you can learn what’s happening in your local environment, and share your experiences and observations with our broader national program. Increase your impact by walking the Trails with friends, and help inform Australia’s response to climate change.

ClimateWatch Trails