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Bugs alive


Louise Edwards

Two amazing women, Susan and Chris, shared not only their knowledge and skills of how to catch butterflies, dragonflies, flies and other amazing insects but also their career journey. From knowing that entomology was her thing from the beginning to a wonderful surprise while at University studying science and needing an extra subject to fill her timetable.

Their stories show how each of us have our own journey to go on, each one very different but just as special and rewarding. What I am really enjoying is seeing and hearing how these scientists love, I mean really love what they do. They get excited as another new species is found or when a species they would not expect to be here in remote Queensland.

I hope my words, photos and recordings can give you all a glimpse into what is possible if you only just keep learning for the love of learning. And if you don’t have a passion yet, then just keep taking any opportunity that presents itself as you never know where it might lead you….maybe to a place like Rungulla National Park so protected by distance that most of the country has not been seen by anyone for generations.