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Trap checking, more spiders and some lab work!


Janet Price

The day started again checking traps at 6. This time we went up the hill to the escarpment where we checked Andrew’s lizard traps. He had created a fence line and the traps were laid alongside them so the lizards would run into the traps. We clambered all over the rocks and saw the motion-sensor camera set up by Heather. The sunrise was spectacular from there and we saw some forktail kites wheeling overhead.

After breakfast we headed down to the river with Zoe. She was beating the she-oaks for bugs so we enjoyed the sun and the rocks and collected some water bugs. Zoe used her aspirator (pooter) to collect the true bugs from her net.

I headed out with Robert and Daniel to check on his traps. We drove to site 1 and site 2 and checked all the pit fall traps (ice cream buckets with holes in them). We collected anything that had fallen in a trap to sort out back at base camp. We also caught, with much chasing, a small dragon. At site 2, we crossed a dry river that was once a sort of a factory to make axe heads.

We checked the traps and collected all specimen and made one more stop to collect leaf litter – two bags of it- to sort to find spiders back at base camp. A twisty 4W drive trip took us home. Daniel, Sabrina and I then spent hours sorting through the soil to find a number of spiders – some of great interest to Robert.

Daniel and I were also able to sort the specimens found in the pit fall traps under the microscope. There were ants, spiders and bugs of all kinds. From there they will be sorted again and given to specialists in that area.

We had lunch and I prepared for my live cross. Tuned in just before two and had a great call with Year 3, 4B, 5 and 6.
We headed off for a walk along the Gilbert River and found so many fascinating river rocks. Stripes and dots and amazing colours.

The rain started so we headed back. The rain then set in for real – pouring most of the night.

trap checking more spiders and some lab work


We headed off for a walk along the Gilbert River


checking for more spiders and some lab work