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Walking on sunshine


Louise Edwards

Walking on Ewamian Country, first tree, stop, wait, reverence.

I would like to Acknowledge the Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands and seas throughout Australia. I acknowledge their connection to Country and their collective position as Australia’s First Nation Peoples.

The morning started with viewing both Venus and Jupiter in the sky! Magical. After breakfast my first flight in a helicopter! Yes first time ever! It was thrilling. Having a birds eye view of the landscape is definitely the best way to be introduced to this very significant natural place. We went out onto Country with the Traditional Ewamian Owners Jim and Kenny who very generously shared their knowledge, passion and patience with this Brisbane lass. Another helicopter ride later we were down near the river with the scientists. We worked in the field with Andrew from Qld Museum catching legless skinks. Climbing escarpments and crawling on our knees through caves. I felt like a child again having the most fun ever. Back at base camp down at the river with Susan from Qld Museum. Susan had a variety of traps out to collect insects. So many good ideas for back at work, can’t wait.