What can we learn about Italy’s ancient people from the ruins they left along the coast of Tuscany? 

Help excavate the ancient seaside city of Populonia, once a center of metalworking and trade. Your team will focus on one of two fascinating sites:

Teams in May and June will work between the remaining walls of a Roman villa on Poggio del Molino (Windmill Hill), overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The villa was built at the start of the 1st century A.D., when the main city of Populonia was mysteriously abandoned. People continued to live at the villa, though, until the end of the 5th century, so it is one of the few existing sources of information from this time period.

All teams from August to October will excavate at the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park. The area has not yet been investigated by rigorous archaeological scientific methods, but it is a critical place to discover more about the lives of the people who lived in Populonia between the 7th and 1st century BCE. Volunteers on these teams will also have the opportunity to visit the Villa Poggio del Molino as well.

Live the life of a professional archaeologist as you unearth artifacts, then clean and study them. You might also try rebuilding original objects from the fragments you’ve discovered. You’ll have an unparalleled chance to get close to Italy’s ancient past.

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Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park, Piombino, Tuscany, Italy


$3295 | $5295

Includes all accommodation, meals, transfers, insurance and research activities


7 or 13 days (* options for 7 or 13 days; all others are 7 days)


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