Explore the lives of grassland animals, from the hedgehog to the Siberian ibex, to help conserve their wilderness home.

Your team will enjoy an extraordinary perspective of the desert and steppe environment in Central Asia, as well as visits with local herders for a unique cultural experience. Working alongside Earthwatch scientists, you’ll study a diversity of grassland animals: big animals such as argali sheep, Siberian ibex, and cinereous vultures (the largest raptors in Eurasia), smaller creatures like the globally threatened lesser kestrel and two species of hedgehog, and prey species from lizards to steppe rat snakes to leaping jerboas. Volunteers who prefer not to work with the snakes will have plenty of other ways to keep busy on other aspects of the research.

In your recreational time, you’ll be free to explore this wilderness landscape in a way few people ever can, and you’ll also have the opportunity to experience Mongolian culture in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. This project requires a reasonably good fitness level due to its active nature and the remoteness of the location, and familiarity with hiking and camping.

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Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Dornogobi Aimag, Mongolia



Includes all accommodation, meals, insurance and research activities


14 days


  • TBC

Activity Level

Very Active

Lead Scientist

Ganchimeg (Gana) Wingard