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Tiny forests arrive for big green impact

29 September 2022

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The World Economic Forum’s BiodiverCities by 2030: Transforming Cities’ Insights Report calls on urban businesses to be a crucial player in reversing nature loss and climate change by enhancing biodiversity by the end of this decade.

Earthwatch Australia is engaging businesses and their people in nature-based solutions through our Tiny Forests program.

Planted on a tennis court-size parcel of land, these green spaces are 30 times denser and grow about 10 times faster than a traditional forest.

CEO Fiona Sutton Wilson says “Bringing together purpose-led volunteering, employee wellbeing, and nature positive action, Tiny Forests are a highly visible way to restore and regenerate nature within our urban environments”.

We are inviting high ambition businesses to join the Australian Tiny Forests movement.  

“Business is uniquely positioned to create thriving urban environments.

“Investing in nature-based solutions simultaneously addresses environmental and social targets (ESG) and creates resilient ecosystems for a nature positive economy”.

Read AFR feature    Partner With Us